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  • Who I Am

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    My name is


    world citizen & creative

    Delivery expert in the digital tech industry by trade, I have a huge passion for theatre, storytelling, and travelling. I have lived in 6 different countries around the globe.

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    My passion is storytelling

    captivating & emotive

    Stories fascinate me. I read my first book when I was 2 years old, I performed in my first play when I was 5 years old, and I wrote my first short story when I was 7 years old.

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    The world is my stage

    inside out & outside in

    I direct, I act, I produce, I write. I travel. I've made theatre, film, and stories in collaboration with other world citizens - both in person and online.

  • What I Do



    In June 2016 I directed my first full-length play; "There Has Possibly Been an Incident", for KDC Theatre. I directed 3 short plays as part of KDC Theatre's Full Stack show in 2019, and in November 2019 I directed "Animal Farm" for KDC, "Time After Time" at The Etcetera Theatre in May 2022, and "Chatroom" for KDC in November 2022. Most recently, I directed "Hedda Gabler" at the Drayton Arms Theatre in April 2023 and "13" by Mike Bartlett in April 2024, for KDC Theatre.

    I have directed many short plays, rehearsed readings, and short films for Directors Cut Theatre Company since its inception in 2015.


    As a director I work extremely collaboratively, I try to teach as well as coach, make it fun for everyone while getting the best out of my actors and crew.



    My first steps on stage were during a community centre kids' show about immigration and homelessness. I lost a tooth during that show! I haven't lost any teeth on stage since, but I have been on many more stages.


    All throughout primary and secondary school, high school, and university, I was part of theatre groups and took many short acting courses. After university I became part of a local theatre company in my hometown of Amersfoort in The Netherlands. I also took acting courses at CSSD in London and NIDA in Sydney.


    I love being on stage, pretending to be a mother, a bus driver, a vampire. Most recently, I performed in short play "Sport" for South London Theatre as part of their summer anthology show in 2023.


    stage managing

    Directors Cut Theatre Company was founded in 2015 by creative director and friend Heather Ward. I have been working with her at DCTC since day 1, first as stage manager and now as associate artist. I still stage manage for all DCTC shows; Make The Cut, Write to Right, Art From The Heart, and the Director's Club showcases.


    In September 2015, I acted as stage manager for Kate Moore's These Shining Lives at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington.

    In 2017 and 2018, I stage managed 2 shows for the New Theatre in Sydney: "After The Dance" and "Fucking Men".


    I created my own production company, 27th Letter Theatre, in 2019 in preparation of staging "Not Such Stuff" at the Camden Fringe Festival in London, in 2020. COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, but 27th Letter Theatre has now produced 3 shows and a few short films.

  • Upcoming Work

    this is what I am currently working on

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    Empty Mirrors


    A play about women, loss and grief, and finding yourself. Written by Linda Morse.


    10 -14 September 2024, The Space


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    Four Old Broads


    A modern farce set in a retirement home. If the Golden Girls were to stage a caper!


    07 - 11 November 2024, South London Theatre

  • 13

    April 2024

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    01 - 06 April 2023


    13 is a political drama that weaves seemingly small threads of personal stories into a tapestry of global politics. A complex play that deals with choices, war and peace, and doing the right thing versus the good thing.


    Cast & Creatives


    John: Jibreel Salaam
    Ruth: Grace Over
    Holly: Olivia Cordell
    Edith: Jenni Wredden
    Mark: Ricardo Dines
    Amir: Ram Noureddine
    Rachel: Aden Cotter
    Stephen: Iain Prest
    Sarah: Steffanie Freedoff
    Dennis: Stephen Reimer
    Ruby / Carol: Vaaruni Nayak
    Alice / Fiona: Marina Norman
    Martin / Rob / Paul: Rufus Walkden
    Liam / Busker / Figure in Black: Daniele Di Bernardo
    Sir Christopher / Policeman / Heckler / Terry: Nathan Beetar
    Shannon / Esther: Helen Dickens
    Zia / Sally: Jen Zhao


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff

    Assistant Director: Simon Berry

    Stage Manager: Cornelia Klefeld

    Written by: Mike Bartlett

  • Hedda Gabler

    April 2023

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    Hedda Gabler

    18 - 22 April 2023


    Newlywed Hedda is beautiful and desirable. She is also spoiled, bored, and jealous. When her new husband doesn't give her the attention she wants, she turns her attention to old friends - and how she can make them pay attention to her.


    Cast & Creatives


    Hedda Tesman: Rushma Thapa

    Jorgen Tesman: Calvin Crawley

    Eileen Lovborg: Milly Walters

    Judge Brack: Fahad Salman

    Thea Elvsted: Olivia Cordell

    Aunt Juliana: Jacky Rowland

    Berte: Helen Dickens


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff

    Produced by: Evgenios Kakolyris

    Casting Assistant: Zora Owen

    Written by: Henrik Ibsen

    Adapted by: Patrick Marber

  • Chatroom

    November 2022

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    29 November - 03 December 2022


    5 teenagers meet in a chatroom online. They discuss anything from Willy Wonka to Britney Spears. But what happens when a sixth teenager with suicidal thoughts joins the chatroom? “Chatroom” is an angsty, raw, and truthful look at internet anonymity in the early naughties, teenage empathy behind that anonymity, and online bullying.


    Cast & Creatives


    Jim: David Whelan
    Eva: Katie-Jayne Mainwood
    Laura: Molly Millar
    William: Oliver Jones
    Jack: Rhys Pearson-Shaul
    Emily: Saffy Andrews


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff
    Written by: Enda Walsh
  • Time After Time

    May 2022

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    Time After Time

    12 - 14 May 2022


    Man has always been more knowledgeable than Woman, from the Early Times to today. And Man will prove that fact even if Woman thinks he really shouldn't. Because Man knows better than Woman. Right?


    Time After Time is a comedy in five hysterical periods.


    Cast & Creatives


    Man: Mark Joseph
    Woman: Milly Walters


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff
    Written by: Pete Talman
  • Not Such Stuff

    January 2022

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    Not Such Stuff

    25-29 January 2022


    Not Such Stuff features 8 women from Shakespeare's plays that take the stage and speak up against the cards that they were dealt by their author.


    Cast & Creatives


    Juliet: Oriana Charles
    Lady M: Lydia Cashman
    Kate: Camilla Walters
    Portia: Claire-Monique Martin
    Regan: Anya Sayadian
    Ophelia: Rushma Thapa
    Marina: Bryony Tebbutt
    Miranda: Tânia Pais


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff
    Produced by: Penny Gkritzapi

    Written by: Chris Wind (https://www.chriswind.net)

  • Animal Farm

    November 2019

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    Animal Farm

    26 - 30 November 2019


    ‘Animal Farm’ is a study in power, (in-)equality, corruption, and humanity. Originally written as a satirical piece warning against communism, it’s never been more actual than now; a time where equality and authoritarianism are talked about more than Love Island.


    Cast & Creatives


    Old Major / Napoleon: David Pearson
    Squealer / Moses / Frederick: Nick Fraser
    Snowball / Benjamin: Rhydian Harris
    Narrator / Jones: Rahul Singh
    Clover / Various Animals: Ylenia Mezzetti
    Boxer / Pilkington: Yannis Lionis
    Mollie / Muriel: Portia Leslie


    Directed by: Saskia van 't Hoff
    Written by: George Orwell

    Adapted by: Nelson Bond

  • There Has Possibly Been An Incident

    June 2016

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    There Has Possibly Been An Incident

    28 - 30 June 2016


    There Has Possibly Been An Incident is a play about choices and consequences. Pasts and futures. Questions and answers. Right and wrong. One story about bravery, one about accidental power, one about missed opportunities, and one about conviction in your own beliefs. Plus one more story about the biggest choice of them all.


    Cast & Creatives


    The Plane Hero: Su Vigus & Stephen Lucas
    The Politician: Samantha Wright & Rob Whitaker
    The Watcher: Deborah Omolade & Tom Cunningham
    The Terrorist: Julia Pagett & Keir Mills


    Directed by: Saskia van ‘t Hoff
    Assistant Director & Designer: Rose Pickles
    Stage Manager & Production Assistant: Olivia Ho

    Written by: Chris Thorpe

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