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9 days to go!


Only 9 days to go until Not Such Stuff opens at South London Theatre! Eek!!

This play has been 2 years in the making, with director Saskia reaching out to writer Chris in January 2020 to discuss the possibility of staging the play. No one knew what was to come in the next 2 years, but here we are in January 2022 and we are about to finally take the stage!

Getting back in the rehearsal room with the amazing cast & crew has been incredible. Not only is the play a female-driven play, but the team is also all-female; not necessarily by design but we are so glad it worked out like this. It has been such a supportive and warm environment to work in, and it's pushed us all to new heights. Come and see the show, and be amazed at the talent of all of these incredible women!

The next 9 days are going to be crazy. The to-do list is still long, transition videos are not yet edited, we have no flooring yet, and only a single has a lighting design. But the performances are there, the words are there, and the characters are there. It is going to be amazing, not just because it's been 2 years coming but because these stories are incredible and the talent of our cast & crew is so impressive.