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New show alert: Time After Time

I am super excited to share the news that we are working on a new show: Time After Time. Put 12 & 13 & 14 May 2022 in your diaries!

This show is very special to me because it has been a wonderful collaboration with the writer, Pete Talman. I've known Pete for a few years now, via Director's Cut Theatre Company. He writes the best short plays and they never failed to make me laugh and cry in equal measure. But I never had the opportunity to direct any of his work until it finally happened in 2021.

'Early People' was a short play about 2 cave people waking up one day and Early Woman telling Early Man about their neighbours in the next cave over and how they call each other by unique names, and use animal hides as something they call rugs. Early Man waved it away as nonsense, and even went as far as thtreatening Early Woman for upsetting the status quo - where he decides what progress is made, not her. It was a hilarious little play about how the patriarchy leads to toxic masculinity - and in this case an inflated ego and self-importance. I had a great time directing it, and afterwards mentioned in passing to Pete, "wouldn't it be fun to see this concept throughout the years, because nothing ever really changes?"

Pete took that to heart and a few weeks later, 'Ancient Rome' was born. I asked to direct it as a sequel to 'Early People' and they worked brilliantly together! Callous Andhidious is a fantastic evolution of Early Man while at the same time not being an evolution at all. Poor wife Insomnia got eye strain from all the eye-rolling at his antics.

Both short plays were well received by the audience and thus Time After Time was created. 5 short plays about the patriarchy and its effect on women's progress throughout time. They are hilarious, comedic pieces with a very real and not-so-funny truth in them. Pete wrote 3 more wonderful gems of short plays and we cannot wait to get them staged. With actors Milly Walters and Mark Joseph, we have a cracking team of creative talent who will no doubt bring these characters alive with all the cheek, ego, cleverness, and feeling they deserve. Rehearsals start today!

'Time After Time' premieres on 12 May 2022 at the Etcetera Theatre in London, for 3 nights only. Tickets on sale soon.